Personal Financial Insurance Advice for you and your family

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Insurance advice is important for so many reasons. Sometimes the glitches are minor, such as a cancelled train, and can be worked around easily. Other events, such as a serious illness, are much more difficult to deal with.

The insurance industry has developed a variety of ways to deal with some of the larger events on the ‘unexpected and unwelcome’ list. Some of you are probably already familiar with some aspects of insurance, such as car and household insurance, and therefore feel that you may not require insurance advice. There are other forms of insurance that may be less well known to you – such as those that protect you and your family against the financial consequences of illness and death.

This guide is an introduction to the core financial insurance advice that you need. In the space available it can be no more than a brief outline of an often complex and specialized subject. For more detailed personal financial insurance advice you should contact a financial adviser.

Personal Finance Advice and Personal Insurance Advice

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