Borrowing and Repaying Money: Mortgage, Debt and Loan Advice

Get the best mortgage advice and debt or loan guidance from a financial adviser, especially regarding long term financial commitments. Speak to one of our financial advisers for expert mortgage advice.

It may not feel like it but the relative ease of access (somewhat constrained post recession) and cheapness of mortgage loans is largely down to the fact that for the lender the security of the loan lies in the house bought with the money. That is, your home – and the lender has a right to it if you cant or won’t pay the mortgage premiums..

Other forms of borrowing you are likely to look into need not mean risking your home as security. These are personal or unsecured loans. And credit cards are in effect a means of short-term borrowing. It could be argued that the latter two forms of borrowing are riskier for the lender and as a result you as the borrower will pay more for the facility.

It is important to get sound mortgage advice when securing such a big loan. Discussing your borrowing needs with a financial adviser and getting expert mortgage advice will help you assess your financial position and prepare for the future with you and your family.

Mortgage Advice and Debt Advice from an IFA

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