Investments Advice and Money Savings Advice

Investment and Money Savings Advice

Get the best investment advice and money savings advice when considering everything from a basic bank account paying little interest, to the riskiest investment funds which might give you exposure to volatile investments such as emerging markets. There are investments to suit everyone.

It’s worth noting that savings generally refers to money held on deposit with a bank or building society. With government guarantee schemes, there is now protection for all of your savings up to £85,000 per institution so your risk up to this level is very low.

Investing refers mainly to investing your money in stocks and shares, funds, government gilts and so on. Here, there is little protection from risk unless you are the victim of a scam or mis-selling when you might get some help with claiming back your money.

Investing comes with risk attached and it’s important for you and your adviser to assess your appetite for risk. With some investments you can lose all of your money. Are you really prepared for that? If not, then stick to less risky deposits and investment products which guarantee your money or minimise losses.

Whatever and wherever you are investing doing so regularly is often the best way to spread risk. If you are investing in stocks and shares you can achieve what is called “pound-cost averaging” by investing regularly. It means that you are achieving some form of consistency by buying when markets both dip and rise, steadily building up your investments.

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