Find An Independent Financial Advisor (IFA)

How well organised are your financial plans?

The chances are that, unless you already have a financial adviser, your answer will be at the ‘not very/sort of’ end of the scale. Such a response is understandable given that personal financial planning involves a detailed knowledge of complex areas such as tax, investment and state benefits. These are not subjects at the top of most people’s reading lists.

If your personal finances are not in order, then the consequences – both short term and long term – could be serious. In the 21st century it is most unwise to assume that the state will step in with financial help, should you or your family need it. For instance, even now the basic state pension for a single person is little over £100 a week.

A financial adviser has the training and expertise to design a personal financial plan for you and, most importantly, keep it up to date as legislation and your circumstances change. Your adviser can help you meet your financial goals and set your financial priorities.

This guide looks at what you can expect from a financial adviser. It also examines what questions you should ask your adviser: a sound financial plan can only be built on a two-way exchange of information.

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