Plan with the help of a financial advisor to achieve your financial goals

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Your financial future can be less stressful with some financial planning. Think ahead and seek some advice from a qualified and FSA authorised financial advisor. Remember the best way to afford your needs at different stages in your life is to seek financial advice.

It can take time, but once you have the basics in place then things will be a lot easier.

Everything from bank accounts and savings accounts to investments, insurance and retirement planning need to be regularly monitored to ensure you have enough funds to support you and your family – not only during your working life but into retirement as well. It is also important to start saving early.

For example, consider a man earning £30,000 a year and making regular monthly investments of £200 into a private pension scheme. If he had started saving for his retirement at the age of 25 he would be looking forward to a weekly retirement income of £132, as well as a lump sum payout of £62,000 at age 65. However, if he put off saving until he was 40 that lump sum would be reduced to £29,000, while he would have to get by on just £62 a week. *

* Figures shown are compiled using a pensions calculator but are only intended to give an indication of the levels that could be generated.

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