15/12/2011 16:23:42

Britons take a 'risk' with their Christmas shopping

A third of people leave their Christmas shopping until the last week, according to new research.

The survey by AXA showed that a further 12 per cent leave it until the last few days, despite the fact that 64 per cent of people admit to feeling 'quite uneasy' or 'very nervous/anxious' about taking risks.

The worst age group for leaving things until the last minute are 18 to 24-year-olds – 49 per cent of who leave their shopping until the last week.

AXA says that Britain's attitude towards Christmas shopping should serve as a warning.

Mike Morrison, head of pensions at AXA Wealth, says: "People should take a step back and think about how their attitude towards risk affects other areas of their life and how this impacts their finances."

According to the money education charity Credit Action, average household debt in the UK is £7,984, excluding mortgages, and The Citizens Advice Bureau warned recently that many people in Britain are heading for a "financial car crash".